Steel Grating

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Steel Grating
It is steel bar according to a certain distance and cross arranged and welded into the middle of a square latice with an iron and steel products .

bearing bar 25/3mm , 25mm/4mm , 25mm/5mm , 30/3mm , 30/5mm,32/3mm,32/5mm ,40/3mm………… 75/5mm,100/10mm
opening 30mm x 32mm , 30mm x 60mm, 30mm x 100mm ,  38mm x 100mm , 40mm x 100mm , 50mm x 50mm ,50mm x 100mm etc
surface treatment black , hot dip galvanized
type plain bar, serrated bar , I shape bar

Hot dip galvanized steel grating tolerance

The allowed deviation of length is +0/-5mm, while the allowed deviation of width is +/-5 mm. The non-perpendicularity of bearing bar is allowed no more than 10% of width of bearing bar. Cross bar surface should not surpass bearing bar surface 1mm, beginning & end of cross bar should not surpass the end surfaces of two sides of grating 2mm.

Corrosion resistance, Rust resistance.
Anti-slip resistance, Good air circulation.
Good drainage performance, Easy to install and uninstall.
High strength-to-weight performance,Durable and long lifespan.

Steel grating is widely used for work platforms. Catwalks, transportation
servicing areas and vehicle steps.

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