Garbion Mesh

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    Garbon Mesh

    Gabion are made of double Рtwisted hexagonal wire mesh. To fill with stones at the river bank or seaside to stop flood, on the mountain prevent rock falling. 1.Gabion materials: hot dipped galvanized wire and Galfan coated wire 2. Gabion mesh wire:2.0mm,2.2mm,2.7mm,3.0mm, 3. Gabion selvage wire :2.4mm,2.7mm,3.4mm,3.9mm 4 Gabion mesh size : 6*8cm, 8*10cm, 10*12cm, 12*15cm 5. Gabion lacing wire : 2.2mm, 5% of gabion weight 6. Gabion Zinc coating : 225-275g/m2 according to EN 10224-2 7....