Metal Wire Mesh

  • Wall Spike

    Wall Spike

    Wall Spikes are a simple yet effective method of enhancing the security of an existing wall or security fence. The wall spikes are easy to install and come in a variety of coatings or finishes. Follows Contours of Wall ●Neat Appearance ●Easy to Install ●Low Cost ●Effective Intrusion Deterrent Wall Spike (Big Size) Material:Galvanized zinc steel plate ,stainless steel plate ,Gal+Polyester coating,color can be desighed according to the customers’need . Production process :The goods ,here ...
  • Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence

     Galvanized Chain Link Fence  Mesh Size Wire Guage Height Length 3/4” (20mm) Bwg11/12/13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m 1” (25mm) Bwg11/12/13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m 1-1/2”(40mm) Bwg8~Bwg13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m  2” (50mm) Bwg8~Bwg13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m 2-1/2” (60mm) Bwg8~Bwg12 0.5m~3.0m  5m~25m Packing: In Roll With Pallet Or In Bulk. Remark: Sizes Other Than Those Above Mentioned Maybe Made To Order After Consideration. Plastic Coated Chain Link Fence Mesh Size Wire Guage Height Length 60mm x 60mm ...
  • Steel Grating

    Steel Grating

    Steel Grating It is steel bar according to a certain distance and cross arranged and welded into the middle of a square latice with an iron and steel products . bearing bar 25/3mm , 25mm/4mm , 25mm/5mm , 30/3mm , 30/5mm,32/3mm,32/5mm ,40/3mm………… 75/5mm,100/10mm opening 30mm x 32mm , 30mm x 60mm, 30mm x 100mm ,  38mm x 100mm , 40mm x 100mm , 50mm x 50mm ,50mm x 100mm etc surface treatment black , hot dip galvanized type plain bar, serrated bar , I shape bar ...
  • Expanded Mesh

    Expanded Mesh

    Expanded Metal can serve as a kind of substitute for perforated metal materials and it find most uses as fences,windows decoration,ventilation devices,shelves,racks,cages and some decoration purposes. Standard expanded metal provides a high strength to weight ratio,and is often used to protect machines or people,by stopping a specific size material from entering as a specific area.All Metals such as Stainless Steel Alloys,Aluminum,Titanium,Steel,Cooper,can all be expanded into rhombic opend...
  • Welded Wire Mesh Fence

    Welded Wire Mesh Fence

    3D welded wire mesh fence system offers security but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance. The mesh is 50x200mm, fully welded at every intersection. The width of the panels suits post centre of approx. 2500mm Welded wire mesh fence is available in a galvanized finish; in addition they can be colour coated in a wide choice of colors. height width thickness size Mesh panel 1.8m 2m/2.5m 4mm/5mm Square post 1.8m/2m 1.5mm 60mm*60mm Peach post 1.8m/2m 1.2mm 50mm*70mm70mm*1...
  • Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    Hexagonal Wire Nettings Produced With Superior Quality Low-Carbon Iron Wire,Normally Galvanized Plastic Coated For Long Life,The Mesh Is Firm In Structure And Has Flat Surface.Hexagonal Wire Netting Is Exensively Used In Industrial And Agricultural Constructions.Also It Can Be Used As Fence For Poultry Cage. Fishing, Garden, Children Playground And Christmas Decorations. HEX.WIRE NETTING IN NORMAL TWIST (IN 5m,10m,25m,30m,100m,TO 3000m ROLL,WIDTH OF 0.5m-2.0m) MESH WIRE GAUGE...
  • Garbion Mesh

    Garbion Mesh

    Gabion are made of double – twisted hexagonal wire mesh. To fill with stones at the river bank or seaside to stop flood, on the mountain prevent rock falling. 1.Gabion materials: hot dipped galvanized wire and Galfan coated wire 2. Gabion mesh wire:2.0mm,2.2mm,2.7mm,3.0mm, 3. Gabion selvage wire :2.4mm,2.7mm,3.4mm,3.9mm 4 Gabion mesh size : 6*8cm, 8*10cm, 10*12cm, 12*15cm 5. Gabion lacing wire : 2.2mm, 5% of gabion weight 6. Gabion Zinc coating : 225-275g/m2 according to EN 10224-2 7....
  • Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded Wire Mesh Is Made Of High Quality Iron Wire Through Automatic Process And Sophisticated Welding Technique, Laid Horizontally And Vertically, Individually Welded At Every Intersection. The End Products Is Level And Flat With Sturdy Structure. Welded Wire Mesh Is Extensively Used In Industry And Agriculture, Building, Transportation And Mining For All Such Purposes As Poultry Houses, Egg Baskets, Runway Enclosures, Draining Rack, Fruit Drying Screen, Fence. For Finish,We Can Supply The...
  • Field Wire Mesh Fence

    Field Wire Mesh Fence

    Cattle wire fence is manufactured in a wide selection of heights and styles featuring a graduated spacing that starts with small openings at the bottom whch helps prevent entry from small animals.the hinge-lock knot allows the fencing to give under pressure ensures a solid construction over any terrain,our field fence is designed using a variety of spacing configurations to accommodate horses,cattle,hogs and other large animals. Application: It is essential to feed cattle sheep horse in agr...

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