Chain Link Fence

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 Galvanized Chain Link Fence

 Mesh Size Wire Guage Height Length
3/4” (20mm) Bwg11/12/13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m
1” (25mm) Bwg11/12/13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m
1-1/2”(40mm) Bwg8~Bwg13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m
 2” (50mm) Bwg8~Bwg13 0.5m~3.0m 5m~25m
2-1/2” (60mm) Bwg8~Bwg12 0.5m~3.0m  5m~25m

Packing: In Roll With Pallet Or In Bulk.
Remark: Sizes Other Than Those Above Mentioned Maybe Made To Order After Consideration.
Plastic Coated Chain Link Fence

Mesh Size Wire Guage Height Length
60mm x 60mm 2.0mm/3.0mm 0.5m~3.0m 10m~25m
 50mm x 50mm 1.8mm/2.8mm 0.5m~3.0m 10m~25m
 50mm x 50mm 2.0mm/3.0mm 0.5m~3.0m 10m~25m

Packing: In roll with pallet or in bulk.
Remark: Sizes other than those above mentioned maybe
made to order after consideration.

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