Welding Material

  • Submerged EM12

    Submerged EM12

    DESCRIPTION CHM 08A can be used for copper-coated solid welding wire for submerged arc welding. Weld metal zone has excellent synthetic technological properties when corresponding welding flux is used. With a higher deposition efficiency, high quality and low intensity of labour, etc. APPLICATION The welding wires are used for welding important structures of low carbon structural steel and low alloy steel. Such as boilers, pressure vessels from chemical works and nuclear power station, bridge...
  • Welding Electrode

    Welding Electrode

    Description: Our welding electrodes welding rod AWS E6013 & E7018 is a low fume,high titania type electrodes of which fume generation is about 20% less than conventional high titania type electrodes and whose usability is excellent in all position welding.AWS E6013 is suitable for welding of light structural steels because of its stable arc,shallow penetration and smooth welding bead.  Size available  Diameter × Length (mm)  2.5 × 300, 3.2 × 350,  2.5 × 350, 4.0 × 350  4.0 × 400, 5.0 × ...
  • Non Copper Coated Er70s-6n

    Non Copper Coated Er70s-6n

    Characteristics: This production of non copper coated welding wire completely solves the copper pollution problems created in the process of production and using. By adopting special passivation technique on the surface of welding wire, the surface is bright and clean, rust resistance is strong. Wire feeding is stable, and the wire is suitable for long-time continuous welding. Application: Non copper coated welding wire is widely used in coal mine machinery, engineering machinery, ships, bri...
  • Co2 Gas Shielded Arc Welding Wire

    Co2 Gas Shielded Arc Welding Wire

    Standard: GB ER50-6   AWS ER70S-6   JIS YGW12 Characteristics: ER70S-6 is copper coated low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire, welding conducted under CO2 or Argon-rich gas shielded. It has good weldability; stable arc, less spatter, beautiful weld appearance, less weld pore sensitivity; good all-position weldability, wide adjustable welding current range. Application: Suitable to single or multiple weld welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel with strength grade of 500MPa (e.g. the ...

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