Eg Roofing & Common Pallet Coil Nails

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Description:  Stainless steel coil nails, With diamond point.

Finish: Bright, Shank, Screw, Ring and Smooth.

Material: Q195 and Q235
Diameter: 1/2″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 2-3/4″, 3″ . 0.083″,0.09″,0.099″,0.113″,0.120″,0.131″,0.135″

Length: 1-1/4″~3″, 16 Degree .

Package01:  50lbs/ctn, 48ctns/pallet

Package02:  225pcs/coil x 36ctns/pallet

250pcs/coil x 36ctns/pallet

300pcs/coil x 36ctns/pallet

Coil Nails Packing Form

Ø2.1MM X 32MM 400 X 40=16000
Ø2.1MM X 35MM
Ø2.1MM X 38MM
Ø2.1MM X 40MM
Ø2.1MM X 45MM
Ø2.1MM X50MM
Ø2.1MM X 55MM

Ø2.3MM X 38MM

330 X 30=9900

Ø2.3MM X 40MM

Ø2.3MM X 45MM

Ø2.3MM X 50MM

Ø2.3MM X 55MM

Ø2.3MM X 60MM

Ø2.3MM X 64MM

Ø2.5MM X 45MM

300 X 30=9000

Ø2.5MM X50MM

Ø2.5MM X55MM

Ø2.5MM X60MM

Ø2.5MM X65MM

Ø2.87MM X 50MM  

250 X 20=5000

Ø2.87MM X 57MM
Ø2.87MM X 60MM
Ø2.87MM X 65MM
Ø2.87MM X 70MM
Ø2.87MM X75MM
Ø2.87MM X 80MM

Ø2.87MM X 83MM

Ø2.87MM X 90MM

Ø3.05MM X 60MM

250 X 20=5000

Ø3.05MM X 63MM

Ø3.05MM X 75MM

Ø3.05MM X 81MM

225 X 20=4500

Ø3.05MM X 87MM

Ø3.33MM X 75MM

200 X 20=4000

Ø3.33MM X 83MM

Ø3.33MM X 90MM

Ø3.05MM X 3/4”

120 X 60=7200

Ø3.05MM X 1”

Ø3.05MM X 1-1/4”

Ø3.05MM X 1-3/4”

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