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Our welding electrodes welding rod AWS E6013 & E7018 is a low fume,high titania type electrodes of which fume generation is about 20% less than conventional high titania type electrodes and whose usability is excellent in all position welding.AWS E6013 is suitable for welding of light structural steels because of its stable arc,shallow penetration and smooth welding bead. 

Size available 
Diameter × Length (mm) 
2.5 × 300, 3.2 × 350, 
2.5 × 350, 4.0 × 350 
4.0 × 400, 5.0 × 400

Packing details:

2.5*300MM   2.5kgs* 8boxes/carton; or  2kg*8box/carton 
2.5*350MM   5kgs*4box/carton; 

3.2*350MM   5kgs*4box/carton;  or  4kg*4box/carton 
4.0*400MM   5kgs*4box/carton;  or  4kg*4box/carton

5.0*400MM   5kgs*4box/carton;  
4.0*350MM    5kgs*4box/carton; 

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